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Save HUNDREDS at your favorite places!

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This is a Members Only club that gives you access to exclusive discounts at businesses on and around campus. 
Short introduction video below.

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Living OSU is not affiliated with advertised on or the Rewards Club program. They are advertisers signed up to be a part of this program. If you have any issues with a product, service or experience please contact the business directly. If you have an issue regarding a reward or claiming a reward at a business please contact me at

You are paying to become a member and gain access to deals and discounts. Member Perks and any other freebies given out are a side perk of membership. You are not paying to enter giveaways, a lottery or raffle. 


Businesses may drop off of the Rewards program at any time which is also out of my control. If there is an issue with a business dropping out of the program please reach out

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