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Fashion Fix Up

Now that we’ve got a job, some money (that we’ve budgeted for shopping) and a nice new apartment with that walk in closet, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. Ideally we’d like to do this and do it wisely where we can save some money. Here are some tips to achieve this goal.

First off, Donate! Clear out some of the clutter and go through your clothes and get rid of the stuff that you hardly ever wear or you’re not interested in anymore. This will clear up some space and donating these items will also lead to a tax write off next year. So find your nearest Goodwill and make a donation.


Get the basics. Obviously you’re going to start with under garments. Make sure you have a least 7 good pairs. You don’t want to be forced to laundry every three days because you’re out of drawls. 😊

You’ll need some good button down shirts (blouses for the females). I recommend starting with solid colors. When you do too many patterns, it’s harder to match them with other items. Also they stand out more, so Karen at work will realize you’ve worn you’re favorite polka dot shirt twice this week. If its just a standard white shirt, she’ll never know.

You’ll also want at least one pair of blue and one pair of black jeans, with NO holes or rips in them. I know that’s been the trend but you most likely won’t be able to wear those to work and get away with it. So try and stay away from bedazzled, colored stitched or tattered jeans.

I also recommend getting some basic colored t-shirts, no designs, no logos, just plain solid colors. These come in handy more than I realized. But also trends change often, so your vintage rock band t-shirts may go out of style next year and be worthless. Where the basics will last forever.

Look out for the high maintenance materials. I would avoid things that are dry-clean only. It’s very annoying to have to keep taking that one shirt to the dry cleaners and paying to have it cleaned. Also try for non-wrinkle stuff. Ironing is very annoying too. Not that the wrinkle free stuff always works, but it’s better than the regular material at avoiding wrinkles so I’d still go for it.

Go for the quality. I know it may cost you a little more in the long run, but buying nicer clothes will last longer and save you money and frustration in the long term. I’m not saying to go out and buy Gucci, but do look for higher quality stuff. It’s a big misconception that brand name equals quality, that is not the case. Do some quick research online and read reviews. You’ll get an idea quickly if the brand is any good.

Find the quality at the right cost. Look for the outlet stores near you. Like mentioned above, we want to find quality so don’t go to a cheap store and buy $3 shirts, but look for places that sell the name brand quality stuff you like at sale prices. I would suggest looking at a Nordstrom Rack type store or if there is a Discount Fashion Warehouse near you. They sell Express and other nice brands at severely discounted prices.

Last piece of advice, if you’re shopping online instead of in-store, always check the return policies! There is nothing worse than getting stuck with something you don’t like or doesn’t fit you right. And also make sure that they don’t make YOU pay the return shipping fees if you need to return something.

That’s all I got, get fresh.

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